Any questions regarding the Ontario Cross Country Championship please contact Sean Wiesner

Are Cross Country events the same as Hare Scrambles?

Yes - we are using the Cross Country name because it is more recognized around the world. The courses are up to 20 km long and riders run multiple laps.

Is there a morning race for junior classes?

The junior classes will run in the morning.

Do motorcycles need any time keeping equipment or lights?


What is the sound limit? Do you need a spark arrestor?

Motorcycles must put out sound of 96db or less but do not require spark arrestors.

How are the events started?

Riders line up with thier classes with the fastest class on the front line. It is a dead engine start and classes are released one minute apart.

How is winner determined?

Once the time limit for the event is reached (morning race is shorter than afternoon program and exact times vary depending on the individual event organizer but are generally 1.5 - 2.5 hrs) all riders as they come through timing towers are told they are done. If a rider goes through the towers a minute before the time limit is reached they do an additional lap. Winner is determined by rider who does the most laps in the least amount of time.

If I ride a standard Motocross bike is there any special modifications I should do to it?

The first thing you should do to a standard MX bike is install an oversized tank, preferably with a fast fill cap. You go throught the pits each lap and can stop for fuel but the less you stop the better your chances of staying ahead of your competition. Laps are between 5-25 km long depending on the event so any standard MX bike will carry enough fuel for a lap.
The other mod you need, unless you have hands of steel, is proper metal hand guards. All the events run through some sections of forest so the changes of hitting trees is very high and proper handguards will allow you to hit them without breaking your knuckles or having your front brake applied when you dont want it to.
The other mod that many riders find helpful is slower gearing. Standard MX bikes are geared to run at speed on wide open tracks and that gearing in the tighter woods can make the bike a real handful. The slower gearing allows you to run in a higher gear through the tight sections which will increase your lap speed. Most off road riders try to find a gearing combination that allows them to keep the bike in 3rd gear in single track sections.

For further information please consult the WEC Cross Country Rule book.

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